Peace Love Art and Scars!


A while ago this morning while in standing half lotus pose I was face to face iwth my knees lol make that face to knees. Anyway, I saw there on my knees remnants of scars. Scars I got when I was probably all the way back in second grade. I remember the day….we were going off somewhere…my nona and mom and me and I had to wait on them. I was outside on Nona’s front porch and for some reason probably the reason being I was bored, I was a kid, I had lots of energy…so…I…jumped. I used to jump rope all the time but at the moment I didn’t have a jump rope so I jumped steps. I began to jump up and down her tall brick front porch steps. And I fell. I busted my knees open! Oh my gosh! I remember! Lightning bolt streaks of blood streamed down my legs. Nona of course, grabbed the Mercurochrome and cleaned me up so we could go. It hurt for a long time and then the scabs! And now still evidence of the scars. Slight though they are, they are in fact still there right along with the memory. I have lots of those lol. I was a tomboy…always in trees or imagining my swing set as monkey bars or a tight rope! I think I was parkour before there was parkour lol. I can look at my scars and remember the day, the crazy thing I was attempting, I was a daredevil! My most recent injury sustained while in a particularly challenging arm balancing pose and crashed into the floor vent! I blackened my eye and bit into the inside of my bottom lip…still have scar tissue there and a raw place under my right eye…and the memory. The memory that for a few seconds there I was in that pose!! and someday I will be again!! I fell, I got a little hurt but at least I tried 😀 And it made a good memory and a story to tell. It’s funny how scars and memories can go together isn’t it. Some good, some bad, some learning experiences…like remember to cover floor vents with a pillow!! Y’all have a great day! Be wild and wrecekless at least once in a while…within reason!! Just remember you’re as young as you believe you are!! Have fun! LIve life! And go barefooted!!! And please please please try to stop by again tomorrow ok? Much Peace Love Art ~Scars and Memories~Yin and Yang 1


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