Peace Love Art and Big Mistakes…Gotta Love ‘Em!


hippie chick on cloth peace flagSomeone recently told me they wanted to try something but were afraid of making a big mistake and I couldn’t help it…my response was….’Don’t you just love those!’ The person was flabbergasted! Lol. That’s right, I went on to explain my point of view about big mistakes. I like them. I like them a lot. Of course I like it much much much better when the thing in question turns out great and not a big mistake but a big mistake is, to me, still good. A big mistake means you took a chance, you at least tried something. You jumped! You shook the snow globe!!! Scary as it may have been and probably was you did it and if it was indeed a mistake you know you have what it takes to try something scary again. So, big mistakes can be a good thing. The bigger the mistake the better in some instances because the bigger the mistake was the greater the chance was, the greater the reward would’ve been and who knows…could still be…you never know what will happen from previous actions later down the road. Remember…no risk…no reward. I made art a long time ago that pops up in stuff I do and now and people seem to like it…you just never know really. The big mistake could just be a big ol stepping stone to help you cross the water! So when you look back at past big mistakes and sigh and wish this and that and the other too, don’t feel disappointed or embarrassed or regretful that the mistake in fact happened, feel happy, feel proud, feel set free because you gave it a shot!! And by damn, you will get it right next time or learn from another mistake either way…YOU WIN!  Because you will indeed get it right when you learn from those mistakes and use that knowledge accordingly next time or maybe the timing was off and will be right on next time or whatever….you’ve got this..those mistakes didn’t break your spirit, your muchness is still there. Cut yourself some slack and give yourself a physical hug, I mean it, wrap your arms around yourself and tell yourself how great you are because you are! YOU ARE! Tell yourself it’s ok to be afraid sometimes but you’re not alone. Oh no, there are so many of us afraid of something it’s just a matter of running through the fear like a kid playing Red Rover Red Rover….send success right over! Send love right over! Send my home right over! Barrel through fear and obstacles like a linebacker! You won’t break! You will stand and you will win. You’ve got this! You are stronger than you think you are and you know more than you think you do. We’re all in this together and we all have made and will make mistakes in all sizes…mistakes…it’s how you can tell the humans from the aliens or robots lol. One of these days very soon I’m starting something new with my art and it may be a big mistake but it may not be but I won’t know until I try! So, try I will 😀 Ok, off my soap box now. Sorry (smiles sheepishly) The coffee smells so great right now!! Hazelnut!! Yum! I’ll have it brewed hot and fresh again tomorrow so try to stop by then ok? Much Peace Love Art ~Big Mistakes~


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