Shakin’ The Snow Globe


DSCN2277My gypsy soul makes me want to do things….big things. Imagine living in a snowglobe and you just want to shake it up!! I mean shake it up…SHAKE IT UP!!! But when you don’t know what to do or how to do it what you don’t know what to do in the first place…then…what do you do? I think that’s when you dream…DREAM…dream the big dream!! The biggest wildest bestest dream of all time!!! Regardless of the reality of the situation, regardless of anything at all. All that matters is that is comes from your heart of hearts, your deepest desires, your wishiest wish!! The dream of a lifetime…that dream, you know it, that’s the one, you remember now don’t you? It doesn’t matter how big it is or how unbelievable it is because there’s some form of it that can and more than likely will come into reality…manifest…if you…You dream it over and over and over. You journal about it, you pull pictures from magazines (hopefully your own magazines lol) that remind you of it. You keep that dream…the dream…always with you in your conscious and in your subconscious and watch what happens. Interesting concept and easy enough to do. Let’s give it a go. What’s your dream? I’m going to give mine a little more thought and let you know but you can bet your butt I’m ready to shake the snowglobe lol! Y’all have a great day and try to meet me back here tomorrow…much peace love art….shakin’ the snow globe!


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  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    Nice! 😀

    1. dawn says:


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