21 Years Ago Today….Happy Birthday Rainy!


Twenty one years ago i was reading Stephen King’s book…Needful Things tumblr_nj3yivHTZ81sqvh08o1_500 and going into labor with my daughter who was already two weeks late. While on maternity leave leading up to this much awaited event of her birth I spent my nights reading since I had insomnia…like real bad! And I spent my days working jigsaw puzzles on a card table I found on the side of the road that had a roll in it but it didn’t stop me from using it lol. I worked a lot of those puzzles and ate a lot of toast with honey nut cheerios. I made and remade her bed. I had a Beatrix Potter theme. I even had her a quilt especially made! It was so soft and pretty. I had a one bedroom apartment that soon began to resemble Babies R Us! There was a swing, a crib, a high chair she wouldn’t even need for a while. I had a stroller/carriage and clothes! So many clothes…tiny dresses, onesies, bibs, tiny Reeboks (a yard sale find) and booties!! Baby powder and baby lotion and baby shampoo on the shelf with my lotions and shampoo. When I went to the hospital to deliver her…finally…they told me she had a head full of hair…they could tell by the monitor she was on. I really wanted a natural delivery but her little heart rate kept droping with each contraction so at 7:38 pm they delivered her by c-section. They held her up to me so I could see her and I remember how she blinked her beautiful eyes at me and I said…’so you’re the one who’s been sticking their foot in my rib’ lol. She went straight under a heat lamp in the nursery window…already working on that tan!! Later that night settled in my room I had to climb up on the bed to stand up on it to work the tv!! I was actually climbing! Lol! They soon got the remote fixed. Finally….they brought her into me and I held her and knew my life was never going to be same again…it was going to be so much better. I had never ever felt anything like that before in my life. And 21 years later it still feels just like that. I love love love her so much. Happy Birthday Rainy, I love you. 11249312_10206582371064073_6252615291896762667_n

Ok, my friends, I had to trip down memory lane again, it couldn’t be helped! Try to stop by again tomorrow ok? Much Peace Love Art and Birthdays!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    Happy (belated) Birthday Rainy!

    1. dawn says:

      I’ll pass it on to her 😀

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