Peace Love and Summertime Memories


Summertime. Man, summer memories. Hanging around the dam, listening to music…waiting for your favorite song to play.  Getting tan and little high and loving life. Nothing but blue skies, a summer breeze, cool water and endless days of sunshine and peace and love. Wardrobe kept simple cut offs, t-shirt and barefeet…hair loose and long and wild and free. Long lazy days that finally lead to starlit nights laying on our backs looking at the indigo sky watching for a ufo or shooting star one as illusive as the other sometimes.

Wine…drank from the bottle, sweet cheap Boone’s Farm Tickled Pink wine. Boyfriends, best friends, new and old friends all collide in the summertime memories. The sounds of summer…I hear them now… the squeals and peals of laughter when jumping into the river, the slamming screen doors, the music…our summertime soundtrack,

I smell them now the peach cobblers with vanilla ice cream, I can taste it now the cold sweet tea. Don’t cha just love the scent of fresh cut grass? Remember the daisy chains worn like crowns in the loose wild hair. Drawing and painting outside, meals even tastier when eaten on a blanket on the ground under a big old tree.

Sunsets with colors so brilliantly electric they are almost too much to take in while lounging in the Adirondack chairs on the bank on the hill outside Nona’s big country house. Fireflies lighting up the night like fairies there to grant wishes to all who let them fly free as the music played on.

Getting up early to watch the sun come up and enjoy the day before the heat comes on and we retreat to the hammock to nap or read or draw the afternoon away.

Summertime…memories…peace…love…happiness….good ol days….these days…those days and the days yet to come…the summers yet to be experienced….the memories yet to be made….wonder what they will be.

Peace friends! Hope your day and your summer are groovin’ right along and I hope you’ll stop on back by my barefoot home again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art ~ Summertime Memories ~DSCN1801


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