Peace Love Art and Hippie Cake


cosmic space flower 2To get caught up my friend…hold on…do you have your coffee? I do, Hazelnut and oh so so so good!!! But I’m really hungry and breakfast isn’t until 8:30 oh well, I still have coffee lol. Okay, here we go….yesterday….




carried out kitchen garbage


Wayne’s doctor appt.


Wayne went to work with a friend

Rainy and I ran errands….

Dollar Store (sharpies, dish detergent, juice packets, envelopes)

Library (Yay!!) but now thinking i made bad choices so I need to go back…c’est la vie…

Food Store….fresh veggies and fruits and cashew milk eggs!!


cleaned out produce drawer of fridge

food put away! whew!

started a loaf of bread

made lunch

started the laundry

did dishes

bread on second rise

Rainy started making a cake took all day long but just look at it…it’s a hippie cake!!

Rainy's tye dye cake
Rainy’s tye dye cake

clothes in dryer

cleaned out the litter box



Rainy’s cakes came out of the oven and my bread went in

Wayne came home ate a late lunch and I washed his dishes

Rainy frosted her cakes

bread out of the oven

laundry folded and put away

Fresh baked still warm from the oven cake and frosted too!! Had to be sampled so it was by all and I washed the dishes

printed a coloring book I sold…it’s going to Ireland!…bound it

got a coloring book ready for my friend Regina

checked emails

drank coffee

made dinner

did the dishes

carried out more garbage

continued drawing a new poster and watched a Halle Berry movie…The Call…it was so good!

ate some popcorn and banana

went to bed to read for a while

got up

practiced yoga


went out for meditation walk

got my first cup of coffee

checked my emails

wrote (writing this)

and soon….



off to Wayne’s second doctor’s appt.

gotta pick up some rotini and cheese because of a pasta bake for lunch today request lol

and hopefully art art and more art and lots and lots and lots of coffee!

Y’all have a great day and try to meet me back here tomorrow when hopefully things will be calmer…but they probably wont lol

gotta go the post office to mail out coloring books and the library again and since we’ll be right there we should hike!! Busy week! Friday I have a phone meeting with my coloring book editor!! I have an editor!! Can you believe it?! We’ll talk about it tomorrow! See you later my friend! Much Peace Love Art ~Life~


2 Comments Add yours

  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    That cake looks tasty! 😀

    1. dawn says:

      SHe really should be a baker. My son wants to be one and I think they should open a business together!! A very tasty business!!! LOL!

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