Peace Love Art ~Random Life Stuff~


Hey!! So tickled you stopped by. The coffee is hot and fresh in the kitchen…Mr. Coffee awaits with a tasty Hazelnut blend and oh my gosh, it is so good! Got another inspiration just now while out on my after yoga meditation walk and I thiknk it’s pretty good. I’ll tell you more once I have the project underway. Today I need to print a coloring book for my friend Regina. I’m going to talk about coloring and it’s benefits this August in my hometown, well, one of my hometowns lol. You know we’ve moved like A LOT. I’ve got that wanderlust going now and instead of Amsterdam we’re considering Belize but not for a while. Wow, birds are everywhere this morning. I wish it would rain. This morning’s yoga playlist included among others….

Going to California- Led Zeppelin

If I Was A Dancer-The Rolling Stones

Heart of Gold- Neil Young

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds-The Beatles…of course!

Handle With Care-The Traveling Wilburys

Behind That Locked Door-George Harrison

Incense and Peppermints-Strawberry Alarm Clock

Time of The Season-The Zombies

and a lot more since Ashtanga is more than an hour.

I love love love yoga. I love love love coffee and homemade bread toast and art…the messier the better. I love love love music and light and shadows and weird poetry and outsider art and steampunk and flowers and vintage stuff and shabby chic white and I love love love the country!!! I think I’ll take all this love and go get on with my day…breakfast next then art! Yay!! Have a great day friends!! Stop by again tomorrow  pleasssseeee 😀 coffee with whip cream on top!! Big hugs and much peace love art ~ random life stuff ~DSCN2084


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