Art Quilts, Eyeglasses, and Walking Into Walls


Lol, I have to laugh because it’s just too funny. I’m not as young as I once was actually I’m a lot younger now that I’m older…chronologically wise that is~smiles~ But sadly my eyes are growing younger with me and sometimes I don’t see very well up close with my contacts in and need reading glasses that I don’t always have the gumption to get up and find. I need one of those glasses necklaces things. Anyway same thing goes with my glasses and again I have to switch over to my readers and then I get dizzy lol. So, you see there’s a catch. Can’t afford bifocals and I think I’d probably be so dizzy from them I’d walk into the walls lol! So, anyway, here’s what I did. I looked up the spelling for Tree Pose in Sanskrit which is spelled a couple different ways online but none of them matched the way I spelled it on my art quilt! Lol. So there it is, big as day misspelled on my art quilt that is almost done! I can either leave it like Wayne says…he believes it will make the quilt worth more since it is misspelt lol, he was watching Antiques Roadshow at the time lol or I can spell it correctly and paint it on another piece of cloth and stitch it down but not all the way…sew it down on three sides so it can be lifted revealing my original spelling….what do you think my friend? Here is the work in progress. DSCN2261 DSCN2262I’m loving it! And this morning I had so much inspiration while practicing yoga!! I have a new little list to add to my other inspiration lists but I think these lists may move ahead my previous lists and worked on immediately along with my top secret art projects! I’m so excited and hungry! I need coffee and art and food on the double!! So my dear friends I’m off to all three. Have a great day!! Try to stop by my little barefoot home again tomorrow okay? Much Peace Love Art ~ Dictionaries! lol. ~


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  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    I’m as blind as a bat when I don’t have my glasses on… well one eye is legally blind. -__- I love your art. I love the colors and energy. 🙂

    1. dawn says:

      Oh yeah, forgot about it…if I don’t have my glasses on or my contacts in I can’t see a thing except for up close and personal lol. Sometimes when I make art it’s a surprise to see how it’s turned out!! Lol! It’s funny ’cause it’s true!! Thanks for the kind words, I just really love what I do ::D

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