Peace Love Art and Summer Storms


Saturday morning….yoga, made bread, made the bed,  made breakfast and coffee…two pots so far, did the dishes and took my meditation walk. Checked email, facebook, etsy shop and searched for the right box size online. Piper’s on my computer table that was once my drawing table but is now my computer table. Bijou is asleep on my coloring book table and Wayne’s asleep in his chair lol. It’s hot and hopefully it’s gonna storm. Love love love making art while it storms. The sun slowly starts to hide behind darkening clouds, the trees begin to shake their limbs and the leafs flip over. The cows lay down when it’s gonna rain did you know that? I love how it feels when the excitement sets in. The storm is coming. Is the laundry brought in? The dogs? Are the windows in the car up? The winds grow ever stronger, the thunder rolls in the distance and we gather on the front porch to wait for the first drops that start to fall ever so gently like a refreshing shower after yoga but grow faster and harder and more intense as thunder booms and lightning streaks the sky and we head indoors for art or a board game. I love love love storms. They’ll leave little puddles for birds to bathe and splash and play in and the frogs will sing!! Oh my gosh, how they will sing!! I love love love frogs!

Okay, so  intention for today…work on new mini art quilt drawing, work on top secret art project, quilt? bead? knit? Lol, who knows, all I do know for sure is that there will be cats and coffee, art and art supplies everywhere and peace and potential for good things. I hope y’all have a great day! Try to stop by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art ~ Summer StormsTie Dye Afternoon


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  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    I love the pieces of art you put on every entry. I love rainbows. 🙂

    1. dawn says:

      Thanks!!! I’m glad you dig it!
      I love love love making art! 😀 Big hugs!

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