To Weave or Not To Weave…that is the question….

to weave this or not….hmmm

Okay, so this morning during yoga I had the strongest sensation to weave today. Weave a tapestry based off an art peace piece I just finished the other day and that I love love love! Will I do this? Who knows. Now I have two top secret art projects going on lol. Hey, check this out…..I’ve been invited to go to my hometown of Albemarle, NC to talk about coloring books and all their benefits besides the joy of making art….there’s stress relief and coloring helps lower blood pressure and, slows the breathing, it’s a lot like meditation with the pressure of meditation you know…having to sit completely still and quiet then your nose itches or the phone rings or the cat climbs up your back lol. So, yeah, there’s loads of benefits to coloring plus making art is just awesome!! But will I weave today? I’d like to but I’d have to make myself a cardboard loom since mine already holds a project started like two summers ago! Oh my gosh, maybe I should finish that up lol. I’m starving my friend how about some homemade bread toast and coffee? Meet you in the kitchen or back here tomorrow ok? Much peace Love aRt ~ to weave or not to weave ~


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