A little early morning free verse hippie poetry

It’s not Friday I know but it just feels like a free verse hippie poetry kind of day ven though it’s still night or extremely early morning anyway. Lol.

I reached he’d out to touch the colors of the rainbow

and they felt like

oil pastels…

creamy and thick and easily blendedDSCN2128

melding melting moosshing together.

i slid down the psychedelic sliding board

riding the imaginary wave of freedom

of creativiy

of art and music and wonders

of the world

the seven wonders….

only seven….seems like more to me….

wonders  like babies sunrises sunsets giant aqua waves meditation yoga first times and last times too and so much more to do to make to see to hear to touch to experience to remember..


Ok my friend that’s  it so have a great day make a memory! Hug your hippie! Try to meet me back here tomorrow! Much peace love art ~free verse ~


2 Comments Add yours

  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    I might go to yoga on Wednesday .. I’m not sure what type though,

    1. dawn says:

      if you’re new to yoga you should try a gentle hatha flow….YouTube is loaded with great videos too!! I love love love my Ashtanga and Atmananda yogas!! Yoga is awesome! There’s a yoga for everything from stress relief to weight loss to thyroid to peace!! Once started it’s usually kept up too! I’m so excited for you!

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