Sunday…Incense, Art, Life


My intention for today is to make a piece of 11 x 14 art, work on the coloring book, work on the new secret… top top top secret art project that I am so totally jazzed about! I also want to work on my diorama too since I haven’t touched it since the first day which was days ago. Oh, and I have started drawing a poster to color your way too so I need to work on that also and I need to start quilting my quilt projects too!  Luckily lunch will be hamburgers we grilled yesterday, well, that’s my families lunch not mine since I’m a vegetarian but I do eat egg whites…I’m not vegan. I was for a long long long time but I love egg whites, not cheese and I love cashew milk so it would probably be easy for me to be vegan except for the egg thing and i want real egg whites! Plus chickens have to lay eggs and I don’t want them to go to waste 🙂 I got to see my friends Tami and Alex today. I love love love them so much!!! I gave Tami the art I made for her weeks ago but haven’t been able to see her because of one thing or another but today I did and I’m so glad. She always leaves me with such peace and happiness. She loaded me up with the very best incense too!! I was almost out and that would be sad since I love it so much. The energy and scent and balance it releases into my atmosphere is vital and much appreciated. If you live in the vicinity of Salisbury NC you should visit them at the Webb Rd. Flea Market building A. You can’t miss them…there’s a big Peace symbol over their shop and you can totally smell the incense when you enter the building!! Tell them I said hey!!  It’s 11:30 am DSCN2227 if I start now I can work for an hour or so before lunch so my friend, I’m off…to make art and drink coffee. Have a great day! Try to meet me back here tomorrow!! Much peAce Love aRt ~ Sunday ~


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