Peace Art Owls


So here’s what I’m thinking when I go into my studio I’m going to work on the first peace piece that captures my attention. I’m so over going in there getting jazzed up by all my projects and all my potential projects and then doing nothing at all! So starting today I will work on the first thing that captures my A D D attention. Looking in there right now…all I have to do is glance to my left and I see my sewing machine ready for quilting, I see my my peace panels ready for something. I see the big sunshine I’m working on. I see my yarns and threads and beads and fabrics and papers and my inks, markers, crayons, oil pastels and chalks….oh my gosh!!! I almost worked all night but instead I read a book on doll houses! I had insomnia. I went to the sofa in my studio, windows up, cats for company and a hoot owl too!!! He was talking up a storm right outside my window!! And I loved loved loved it!!! I did a coloring book that’s for sale in my etsy shop titled Conversations With Owls but this was less conversation and more of a symposium lead by the owl with a little input from birds and bullfrogs and my cats! It was awesome! Oh my gosh! Guess what!! Yesterday on the way home from Wayne’s doc appointment the nuclear warning siren went off!!! I was nearly panicked! I asked Wayne if I should roll the car window up and he said there was little point so I didn’t but I was so scared! That is a horrible sound! So scary!! I was shocked people weren’t running for cover. Wayne said it was probably a test and I was comforted for a second there until he added the word…probably. As soon as we got home I had Rainy check online and she did find out it was indeed a test!! Thank goodness!!! I live too healthfully to die of radiation poisoning!!! Holy cow!! I feel terrible for anyone who ever heard that sound for real!!!! The noise is terrifying all by itself! Anyway, all is well, so I’m going to go make breakfast since Ashtanga yoga has been practiced, bed made, furry friends watered and fed, bathroom cleaned, laundry loaded waiting for the kids to get up so I can see if they have any to toss in, I’ve walked and now I’m here…with you…needing more coffee! Coffee, food and art…in that order! Have a great day my friend! Try to stop by again tomorrow! Much peace Love art ~ Owls ~Conversations With Owls pg. 11


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  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    It was a test? Holy mackinaw! I hate fire drills. Very annoying.. and yes, a bit scary.

    1. dawn says:

      Oh my gosh!! It was so so so scary!!! That sound was awful!! Don’t ever want to hear that again.

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