Yoga, Bread, Intention!


Ashtanga…the full primary/intermediate practice all done! Bread…rising! Bed…made! Shower….felt so good! Morning meditation walk….enlightening!  Intention for the day….set. Today it is my intention is to do laundry…again…and…make fish sandwiches for dinner tonight with onion rings and fries…and….quilt for a little while…and….work on a new hippie pouch…and…list something new on etsy…and practice my Atmananda yoga this evening. I think that’s enough intentions don’t you? I think I have product line together  but it may be subject to change as we try to make the goodies. We being me and my kids Rainy and Sky. We’re going to weave!! Yay!! We love love love weaving!!! We’re gonna weave stuff for the home!! In addition to our weavings I’m going to make calendars featuring my art, a bi-monthly digest, coloring books and posters, and throw pillows and hippie hip pouches. It’s stuff for you, your life and your whimsical hippie laid back simple living barefoot home! So excited!! My muse says I should make muses for all!! Hmmmm…something to think about! But for now no thinking just kneading…bread is ready for second rise so I guess I need to go while it’s ready! The sun is just right for rising the bread too. I hope you have a wonderful day my friend and you are so more than welcome to come on back over here tomorrow for coffee and conversation. Much peace love art ~ gearing up! ~100_5567


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