Broken Showers But Not Dreams!


Sunday started out peaceful enough. I slept in until 6am! I was up at 2am playing pyramid solitaire though lol. Got up, practiced yoga, showered couldn’t walk ’cause it was raining. Made breakfast, went to the store for produce when it happened. Rainy took a shower and when she turned off the hot water the water didn’t stop. So, I guess you know what’s up right now. That’s right….shower work. We went to Lowe’s to get what was needed for repair work. Wayne cut the water back on long enough for me to a quick lunch together and now my dishes sit dirty in the sink waiting. Later I’ll have to clean up the bathroom and do the dishes and practice yoga which will be the light at the end of the tunnel for me. Until then I’ll work on something. So not going to let this steal my peace!! We have music and I’ll make art so life is still good! PositiveDSCN1234 vibes are appreciated though! And try to stop by again tomorrow!! Life is good even when it’s tough!  Much peace love art ~ water ~


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