The LIght and Shadow Dance


I know it’s only July…Happy 4th! But out here…right now….it looks like fall. I love love love how it looks right now and how it feels too. There’s a nice steady cool breeze, the shadows are different somehow. They hint fall the most, the shadows do. I know I mention light and shadows quite often but there’s just something about how the light plays off of stuff and the excitement and mystery and possibilities in shadows. Shadows make me think of making art, building forts from sheets and pillows when I was a kid and okay, sometimes still I hide away in a homemade fort…it’s fun!  I love how the light and shadows dance and make inanimate objects look so much…muchier. The shadows stretch across the table by my front studio windows and sink into my new peace piece on the easel there. A shadow overtakes the chalk board easel and light reflects off my sewing tin full of treasures like a thimble and thread and bobbins and such. I want to sew now, quilt actually or maybe work on peace hippie hip pouch. I love thimbles. I think I may start collecting them. Usable ones not decorative ones. I don’t need any chotskies! I purged! I think I spelled that word right, the Urban Dictionary said I did lol.  Anyway, right now, my family is still sleeping, the dogs are in the oasis, Piper’s chilling on my coloring book drawing table, Bijou is sitting right smack dab in front of the computer screen, well, she was, she just left to go sit on the coffee table. My windows are open and there’s a hummingbird having breakfast so close I could touch it…you know…if they let you do that which they don’t but wouldn’t that be cool to pet a humming bird!, my laundry is washing, I practiced yoga for an hour and half, took a shower, went for a little walk to soak in some vitamin D. Later on we’ll grill out hamburgers and hotdogs to be served with baked beans, grilled corn on the cob, potato salad, macaroni salad, chips, chilli tomato slices and fun that comes with family and food and pets. Maybe, if it rains, later, we’ll have a game of Monopoly! For now though, I’m so jonesing for coffee so y’all have a great day! Try to stop by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art ~ Shadows ~

p.s. I was about to take picutes of the shadows and the light but they are illusive and disappeared the minute I picked up my camera!! It looks like it may rain any second now! There’s most definitely excitement in the air today…the chi is charged with it! Wow!DSCN2141


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