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Oh my gosh! I”m doing pretty good getting new art made!! I have on my big easel by the front windows in my studio a big peace piece and I have ready to go a smaller piece, I have two works in progress for my art agency Porterfield’s Fine Art Licensing and I have eight coloring book pages drawn for the digest I’m working on and now guess what I’m about to do or try to do rather….l want to break into fabric design!!! I’m going to go forward with making my own products….calendars, throw pillows, place mats and such but wouldn’t it be just really really really awesome to hook up with a fabric manufacturer!!! So tickled to have received this nudge from my Muse! Ok, so this morning I went ahead and practiced Ashtanga yoga even though it’s a moon day. I love love love Ashtanga and I need it to feel good, to start my day off right and feel balanced and centered and ready to make stuff happen! After yoga  I showered (Japanese Blossom lotion…smells so good!), made the bed, got my bread on it’s first rise, fed the cats and the hummingbirds, got my first cup of coffee…the first of what will no doubt be many. And now, here I am. I’ll have coffee with you, my friend, then I’ll have breakfast, go for a little walk and come back home to pick some tomatoes and make some art. Depending on what my cats are doing will tell what art I work on lol, for real! I hate to bother them. Right now Piper’s sleeping on the table I draw my coloring books on but by the time I need to work on the coloring book she’ll probably have moved and if she hasn’t then I’ll take that as a sign to work on my Porterfield’s art or fabric design or maybe list a new peace piece in my etsy shop which I so need to do! Ooh! Or maybe I’ll make a hippie hip pouch!! I’ve been wanting to work on one or maybe I’ll quilt for a while or start a bead loom piece but if I did that I’d have to take out my contacts since I can’t see up close with them in well enough to thread the beading needle or pick up the tiny seed beads that will create the art piece so I probably wont bead loom but I may make aceo cards or draw a mandala poster or make patches for the hippie hip bag I finished knitting over the weekend. Yeah, I should do that for sure!! Well, I guess I’ll let you go for now if you’re like me your coffee cup is empty so have a good day my friend and try to come back by tomorrow … Peace Love Art ~ life and stuff ~DSCN2203


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  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    Your art is always so lovely.

    1. dawn says:

      Thanks!! I love love love making art. I need it…like coffee and air in that order! Lol 😀

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