Hippie Free Verse Friday :)


Sitting on the riverbank

investing in peace and love

dreams floating across the water

like glass reflecting

like a mirror them image before me….


as music streams through the breeze

gently lifting hair and mood

swings like tires hanging from trees

ancient and beautiful canopies

where fairies dance and wonderland beckons…

tea time the clock chimes….

White Rabbit….Mad Hatter….

don’t be late

time matters or

does it

really in the long run

why run

why not walk or

better yet stroll

taking time to smell the wildflowers

picking daisies

daisy chains, chains that bind, chains of love

weaving in and out like vines

grapes hanging waiting to become wine

drank on a blanket on the ground under the ancient tree under the full moon and sky full of stars

in our eyes as

peace and love

reign supreme

rain gently falling

on the tin roof

at the end of the night

tonight… last night… tomorrow night…

Good night but it’s still day

it’s all good, it’s ok…

stretch out and get comfortable and just


Off the top of my head hippie free verse Friday…I hope it’s Friday…Y’all try to meet me back here tomorrow~ Peace Love Art ~ Hippie Free Verse FridayDSCN2145


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