Summertime is like….


Summertime  sounds like…

slamming screen doors (from my days growing up at my Nona’s)

car horns blowing to let you know your friend is there to pick you up (memories of cruising and flirting with boys)

music being played loud…all your favorite songs, the ones you know by heart and sing along too

songbirds, bull frogs, crickets, and laughter


Summertime  smells like…

cocoa butter slathered on after a day in the sun

grilled veggies for me and burgers for my family

swimming pools and chlorine

fresh flowers

just cut grass

wild onions


sweat you get from working in the garden a combination of dirt and veggies and peace

peach cobbler


Summertime looks like

colors of every hue in it’s proudest brightest shades…fuchsia, raspberry, blue-violet, golden yellow…

drive in theaters full of cars and life

long shadows and big shade trees

cats napping in window sills and dogs napping in the shade

sunflowers and wildflowers and fields of lavender

sun kissed cheeks and tanned skin and bare-feet


Summertime tastes like

cold sweet tea

ice cream cones

just off the vine hot and juicy tomato sandwiches with a mile high of Dukes mayo, salt and pepper and if you’re really lucky…a baked potato on the side

cold beer or a frozen concoction in the blender or if you’re more like me…cold coffee with without a little something something added 😀

fresh homegrown organic veggies and fruits!!

cold from the garden hose water

watermelon complete with seed spitting contests lol


Summertime feels like…

thin sundresses

soft skin

loose wild hair

cool cotton sheets

grass under bare feet

sand between the toes if your lucky

mountain breezes if your lucky

toes in river water while fishing the day away not too concerned with actually catching anything

young love and possibilities

and peace.

I hope y’all are having a great summer or is it still Spring, who cares, I hope y’all are having the time of your lives this is the only summer of 2015 we will ever ever ever have. I wish you Peace Love Art and a groovy summer. Try to meet me back here tomorrow ok?DSCN2145


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