Baby, It’s Hot Outside!


It’s hot! So hot!! Hot HOT HOTTTTTT!!! it’s not even lunch time yet and it’s near a 100! It totally reminds me of that episode of Twilight Zone where the earth is burning up and a artist keeps painting and I really like that episode.

I got up early to beat the heat since I had to finish up weeding my veggie garden. I actually got up a little late but it’s still ok since I did get my bread made. I knew the oven would only heart up the house so I made bread first thing around 6:30 am it rose while I practiced Ashtanga yoga. After my 90 minutes of yoga I kneaded my bread dough and got it in the pans to second rise while I carried out garbage, cleaned the liter box, and weeded the garden. The I took a well deserved shower! Lol. Ater that I started lundry and cooked breakfast. It felt like a diner! Sky asked for eggs, bacon, toast, cereal, and juice. Rainy wanted a waffle and I made extra bacon (I’m smart 😀 ), Wayne only wanted toast and I had an egg white with hot peppers and mushrooms, a small bowl of toasted o’s cereal with cashew milk…tasty!, some fresh out of the oven  bread and raspberries and strawberries and orange slice and it was delicious! My eggs were enjoyed cold though since our toaster is broken on one side and I can only make two things at once so while I toasted their toast and waffle I sliced my fresh loaves of bread and then made my toast. But that’s a good thing about eggs…they’re really good cold! Especially with Sriracha sauce and mustard. I have rice soaking so I can sticky rice for lunch with beef stir fry I think. I am working on a big peace piece right now and I am so loving it!! I may leave it for a while today though since I want to make paper peace flags too. OOh, I just had an idea!! Gonna run try it out real quick before I start cooking lunch so y’all take care, stay comfy and try to meet me back here tomorrow!! Yes, I’m still drinking coffee even in this heat! I know… I know….but I love love love coffee!! Peace Love Art ~ Summer Heat! ~DSCN2150


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