Peace Love Art and Sunday


Sunday so far…. Ashtanga yoga!! My headstand is getting even more controlled!! I can bring my legs up and hold for the count and then bring them to a 90 degree angle holding for the count and then raise them back up again!! It is awesome!! I love love love Ashtanga!!! After yoga, I did my chores….liter box, carried out the trash, can to the street, harvested some more green beans and sugar snap peas, a couple tomatoes, radishes, sweet banana peppers,DSCN2148 and then I weeded the garden too! After that I showered in cool refreshing water!! Not the usual warm almost hot water I like.  After that I vacuumed and made the bed and then I made breakfast and then I made a memory. Sky got a puzzle 300 pieces, in his Loot Crate, after breakfast we worked the whole puzzle! We started around 11:10 am and finished just under 2 hours! DSCN2146Yay!! Then I made lunch and I just finished washing dishes and starting another pot of coffee and here I am. Next I’m gonna work on art until Atmananda yoga. Naked and Afraid comes on tonight!! I love that show!! It’s hot here. Oppressively hot! Like not going out there hot! We’re having a heat wave! No rain either and sadly none in the near future. The Farmer’s Almanac says our area may be a wash out for the 4th of July. Which is okay for me since fireworks scare the furry friends so much. Ok, friends, I’m going to go finish some art DSCN2128and start some new peace pieces too!! Y’all have a great day!! Try to stop by again tomorrow ok? Much Peace Love Art ~ Sunday ~


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