Sweet Southern Saturdays


Sweet Southern Saturday mornings, golden sun in Carolina blue skies with fluffy cotton candy clouds where….aged to perfection southern women  wearing sunhats made of straw with a colorful ribbon band are talking over their picket fences lining well trimmed yards of the greenest grass you ever ever ever saw. Avid gardeners gDSCN2141ardening…on hands and knees wearing bermuda shorts and sleeveless tops and white sneakers planting and pruning pansies and daisies and roses. Lots of folks sitting on big deep front porches sipping coffee still in slippers and pjs since it’s Saturday morning after all. Looking at the paper or talking to each other or just being…in the moment. Lawn mowers in use cutting the grass….oh how I love that scent. Kids walking their dogs or riding their bikes. Lots of treasure hunters out searching the yard sales on the look out for that rare find, that thing that reminds them of ‘that’ time, looking for a memory….memories are good. Cats napping in windows, dogs sleeping on porches, men washing their cars, girls tanning in the southern sun. Hammocks and lemonade and sundresses. Libraries so cool and full of adventure, advice, recipes, and gossip…a good place to escape the afternoon heat. Clothes line drying, old men in overalls on tractors, country boys on dirts bikes, vegetable gardens with rows upon rows of corn and beans and tomatoes and peas and such being tended to, swimming pools and ponds shimmering like glass, fishing on the riverbank for a fish fry later but not really caring if anything is caught or not. The diner serving breakfast until 11:30 since it’s Saturday after all. My southern Saturday will include art and coffee and food and cats and laundry and Batman in black and white and memories. I hope your Saturday is all you hope it to be and I hope you’ll meet me back here tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art ~ Sweet Southern Saturdays.


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