Memory Trip and Making Forts


i’m tripping dow memory lane this morning and feeling blissfully nostalgic. I was talking to my gypsy mom about her book shelves and I got to remembering how the summer Sky was 1 1/2 and Rainy was 7. I laid my book shelf down on it’s side with the back facing out into the room and the shelves part facing my drawing table where I could still utilize them to organize (yeah right) my art supplies. I gave them crayons and markers and let them have it! It being the back of the book shelf. Of course I joined in doing my version of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. They worked on it all summer and it turned out beautiful. It moved with us that fall and continued to be a focal point that always made me smile. That was the same summer it was so hot! Neither of my kids liked being outside in the summer heat not even to splash in the kiddie pool. So, unconventional and bohemian by nature I did the only thing I could. I moved my art studio into the living room and turned my studio into a forest of fun. In the corner I built a fort/teepee with a Snoopy sheet. I brought in the kiddie pool too. There were riding toys and we hung paper streamers we made and added their artwork and there was a little tv where their shows were always on. That was fun. Hmmm…when was the last time you built a fort? I had a fort for a while with Piper under my drawing table when she was freaked out by loud noise caused by Wayne working on the outside of my studio but that’s been a year. So, I guess my last fort was a year ago! Right now I’m already looking around for a good spot to crawl into with a my coffee, xylophone and art journal. I wonder where I my thumb ring is. My coffee jar is empty, can’t have that. I’m off to make art and drink coffee and maybe hide away in a fort for a while. Y’all try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art ~ Memory Trip and Forts ~11227387_713483028775128_1668169949325142443_n


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