Music Mandalas and Yoga Headstands


Ok, so  this morning while practicing Ashtanga yoga I think I heard the muse again. This time she said something about making a book. An 11 x 14 five or six page poster book. She suggested I draw the art and color one whole peace piece and maybe start the color work on another one and leave the others black and white for the art buyer to color. I think I dig this idea like a lot. And I also heard her say to draw a big big mandala and take it outside and blast it with paint! I can’t wait to get started on these projects!! I’m really happy and excited about them!! I little tired at the moment. I haven’t slept very much lately and I still get up early for yoga and this morning oh my gosh, one chore after another. I mean it’s like almost 10 in the morning and I’m just now getting here! But my bread is on it’s second rise and my bathroom is clean and the bed made and breakfast cooked and dishes washed and liter box cleaned out and garbage carried out and floor swept…wow, I guess maybe it’d be ok if I just chilled for a while. I know! I could take my big paper outside under my favorite tree and work on that big big big mandala or work on one of the 11 x 14 peace pieces. Sounds good to me, so I’m off friends to work on art and soak up some Carolina blue sunshine filled sky while listening to my music and drinking coffee. Try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Much Peace Love Art ~ Mandalas ~ Oh, one more thing!! And this I am so excited about!!! I did my whole headstand sequence this morning without Narnia!!! Yay!!Mandala sample color book


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