Something In The Sunshine Made Me Remember…


Today I had the sensation of being a kid again, at my Nona’s house again, on a summer day again. I had to smile as I heard from somewhere in the recesses of my mind the slamming screen door that shut behind me as I ran barefoot and fancy free across the yard to nowhere and everywhere all at once. I could imagine anything. I was sailing the high seas on my swing set, I was living in the jungle when up a tree. I was hiding from ‘bad guys’ when tucked under a fallen tree. I could spend the entire day outside and love every single minute of it…climbing from the top of my tire swing onto the top bar of my swing set practicing for my career as a tight rope walker. I made friends with everything. I had wild rabbits that come up and a wasp that used to land on my knee just to hang for a while…this wasn’t very unusual, you see, my Nona had a wasp in the house she refused to let anyone swat since she took time to feed it a bit of honey or sugar everyday. She really did. I can remember those days so vividly and sometimes now, I can’t remember what day it is! Lol. I remember how the temperature seemed to drop 8 degrees when we crossed the creek that led out of town and into our rural neck of the woods.  I remember the late afternoon shadows stretching across like creeping arms reaching out to still my daylight! I remember the garden and the green green grass. I remember catching fireflies in a mason jar with hole poked in the lid only to let them go again before the last call to come inside and get ready for bed which I hated since I didn’t have a tv or anything t entertain me until I fell asleep and sleep always seemed to elude me.  I remember my Nona’s peach cobbler and my Paw-Paw’s tractor and all our chickens and my cookie eating horse. I remember my transistor radio and my stuffed animals that received regular check ups, I kept index cards on them all! Oh my gosh, I remember riding in the car laying down on the back seat with my feet up in the window letting the air cool my feet and watching the sky pass by as we drove along. I remember the time I left my new box of crayons in the car on a summer day and they melted! I remember the funny pages on Sunday and my jacks and jump rope, man oh man, I could jump rope like nobody’s business! I remember hunting and finding Indian rocks and drawing on the oil drum with rocks of pink and blue. I remember thinking I would never ever grow up and I’m still determined not to! Lol. Who’s with me? I don’t know what sparked all these memories but I think it was something in the sunshine…whatever it was I am so very grateful because I loved remembering. Memories are good. Making memories is good so I should go work on that little thing right now. Y’all have a wonderful evening and try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Much Peace Love Art ~ Memories ~DSCN2083


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  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    OMG girl me too. I loved to swim in Georgan Bay. It was so relaxing. 🙂 Then we’d have corn on the cob for dinner. :9

    1. dawn says:

      That’s so cool!! I love memories…they give us something to build off of 😀

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