That First Taste of Freedom…it was delicious!


I don’t know why but this morning I’m thinking about my first apartment. I didn’t have a car so I walked everywhere. I had short cuts all over the small town I lived in through grave yards and parking lots and back yards lol. My living room had a high back wicker chair, a tv that I had to change channels with needle nose pliers and that I still have today!, a turntable, a stack of albums and peacock feathers and a fish aquarium. My kitchen did have a table but it rarely held food instead it usually had a jigsaw puzzle in progress on it and friends would stop by just to work on the puzzle for a while and leave. My sister came by just about everyday to work on it. That was fun. Oh my gosh. My fridge rarely held food either. It usually had beer though lol. My bed was a daybed and coca-cola crates held the clothes that didn’t hang. I didn’t have much and didn’t care…. I had art supplies everywhere though. I was convinced that someday I would design the album cover for Def Leppard! I spent money on art supplies and records and concerts. I even had to wash clothes in the tub and hang them all over the apartment to dry! I loved it. That tasty flavor of freedom. I wish I had saved up for my hippie van back then and hit the road on one long hippie road trip, but perhaps that will come someday although I am not too sure I could sit still long enough to travel. I need space to move around and stretch and breathe. I have so much more space since purging but I can see Narnia (my art supply wardrobe is needing another purging. I bought new art supplies yesterday!

My new art supplies!!! Can't wait to play!!
My new art supplies!!! Can’t wait to play!!

I can’t wait to try them out after while. I’m moving onto bigger pieces on fabric and I can’t wait any longer to start. I think I have all I need to get started on the pieces now!! Yay!! It won’t be long since I did the laundry yesterday and cleaned the bathroom yesterday and today I’ve practiced Ashtanga yoga, cleaned out the liter box, fed the furry friends, took a shower, put on my painting overall shorts and started the coffee which is almost gone…I’ll need a second pot and a third and an fourth…lol….no, really, I’m serious! Ok, friends, I’m off I hope y’all have a great day. I’m hungry! Are you? I think breakfast then art! That way I won’t have to stop in a while to make it! Ok, meet me back here tomorrow after yard sales ok? Peace Love Art ~ freedom ~


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