Free Verse Friday on Thursday


Free Verse Friday on Thursday!! Because these words are playing in my head and I have to get them down!!  Don’t judge too harshly since this is just off the top of my crazy hippie head…lol I’ll return  to my usual unusual blogging tomorrow 😀 Try to stop by ok?!! Much Peace Love Art ~ Free Verse ~

Tanned feet, wind blown gypsy hair,

living life without a care…

DSCN2100at least for the moment anyway

just being here this way…today…

with peace in the air

and art everywhere

yoga mat on the floor

no one coming to the door

no need for a do not disturb sign 

my sign says Peace Love Art

and I mean it with my whole heart

forever and always…this is how I want to stay

living free without any


not even the mental kind

and those are the easiest to find!

Sit back, with bare feet kicked up on the rail with music on

tell the machine that no one is home and breathe

with ease

let go

life’s a show

just watch it pass for a while it’ll be there when you return from your moment in time

and remember everything is gonna be…just…fine.


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