Peace Love and Rainy Days

Peace Love and Rainy Days

Rainy day…chilly and cloudy and beautiful. Tom Petty singing, coffee hot and fresh. The house is quiet except for Tom and that’s music. It was so cool earlier. Sky and Wayne were playing their guitars together. It was awesome. I was tempted to grab my tambourine or xylophone and join in. These are the days of memories man. Music, family, rainy days barefooted just living and experiencing life as it’s happening. The rain will fall, the sun will shine, the seasons will slip one into the next as time ticks the seconds away sometimes way too fast but it’s all good as long as you are living and being part of the life going on around you….you know…growing plants and children, throwing a ball to the dog or having a game of Frisbee as the day sets and the lightning bugs come out, as long as there’s tomato sandwiches and homemade bread, as long as there’s chenille bed spreads and soft pillow cases, as long as there’s popcorn and Sriracha sauce, as long as there’s drive in theaters and pop up storms in the summer leaving puddles to jump in, as long as there’s music to sing along with, as long as there’s a kitty or dog to cuddle, as long as there’s a smile to smile and book to read, as long as there’s a memory to be made and someone to hug you when you need it….Life is meant for love and music and surrounding yourself with furry friends and family and moments…little tokens of time around a board game or jigsaw puzzle or skipping stones across the glassy lake on a warm day. Live outloud like you mean it not just like you’re watching it on tv or something. Oops! my cats need water, I have to go experience some life now in the shape of cats and art and yoga but try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Much Peace Love Art



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