Dance to the Beat of Thunder and Your Tambourine


There was a 100 % chance of heavy thunderstorms last night but I don’t think we got anything but some beautiful lightning. I love lightning. The kind that comes after a really hot day. How it flashes just under the rain filled clouds like a spot light on a piece of art. The lightning enhanced by a distant drum roll of thunder.

You’re sitting on the porch, it’s dark, music playing soft in the background, Harvest Moon. It is the end of another beautiful day in your country life, your bohemian life, your artsy whimsical off the  beaten path alternative life. A life without rules and regulations and dress codes. A life of learning from the land, from the best teacher of all….Mother Nature…taught to care and persevere and grow and share and seek and find. To dance in the rain and jump in puddles and practice yoga and just….BE. Be happy, be free, be real no posing. Remembering life is good man. It’s meant to be lived, to be enjoyed, to have music and art and laughter and love and coffee and tasty healthy food. Even in chaos of the dog chasing the cat and the cat missing the liter box by a fraction and you’re left with a little clean up lol. Even when your to do list of eat, breathe, be happy includes do laundry, run to the post office and clean the bathroom! Even when you’re in the middle of a Mandala and there’s hungry people or hungry pets or a timer signaling something is done baking because out here there’s always something cooking up in the kitchen. I think Life is best when simple. I’ve said it once and I will say it again and again and again. Simple living….that’s the secret of Life…well, one of the secrets anyway. I can share the secret with you because we’re friends sharing coffee every morning. It’s funny how one little thought of thunder turned into this!

Now, dear friends, hippie and non-hippie, it’s almost time for Ashtanga yoga and Life. So, y’all take care, have a Magical Monday and try to stop by my barefoot home again tomorrow…shoes are as always optional. Much Peace Love Art ~ Thunderstorms ~

Tambourine Girl
Tambourine Girl

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