Saturday Yard Sale Finds and Choices Choices


Today’s yard sale finds include a groovy poster Imagine!!DSCN2100 Can you dig it or what?! I love love love it! I got some boots and beads and a bracelet made from can tabs DSCN2102and a paper cutter, small, perfect for aceo cards and a little file to store aceo cards in. Still no field easel but it will turn up sometime. I had to make bread again today because mine molded but it’s all good. It’s on it’s second rise right now. I’m waiting for my turn in the shower since my daughter beat me to it lol. After that I will either…

A. make lunch

B. work on a peace flag

C. print coloring books

D. work on the sample coloring books to go out in the mail on Monday

E. other _____________________________

Probably the answer will be A or C followed by D and B most likely not at all today sadly.

This morning I practiced Akhanda yoga since you don’t practice Ashtanga on Saturday and my body misses it like a lot and already tempted to practice Atmananada right now but I won’t. I’ll save it for later. Maybe I’ll print my coloring books that I sold before I take a shower since there will probably be no hot water for a while anyway. Ok, so my friends, I’m off to C and then E which will be shower and then A and then D until yoga time this evening. I hope y’all can E all you want today and have a great time doing it! Try to meet me back here tomorrow for Peace Love Art and Choices 😀


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