Peace Love Art and Snacks


Does anyone else snack while cooking? ‘Cause I don’t see anything wrong with that like at all. I snack on grapes or banana slices or popcorn or dry cereal while cooking all the time because if I’m cooking it’s because I’m hungry and it’s totally time to eat and I’m probably running late anyway since I cook breakfast after yoga and lunch after making art and dinner after yoga again and then  showering. So, yeah, I think snacking while cooking is perfectly acceptable 😀 Now, here’s a gray area…snacking while waiting for your snack to hot air pop? ‘Cause yes, I have been known to do that also. I mean it’s probably 9:30 pm which is snack time around here and my popcorn is healthy! A healthy and delicious snack! Hot air popped sprayed with zero calorie butter spray and salted and so so so good but let’s face it hot air popping can take a few minutes!! And you’re hungry! You’ve ate healthy all day long…fruits and veggies and whole grains and now it’s healthy snack time and it’s popping but right there within reach is instant gratification in a carton! A carton of fat free 90 calorie yummy creamy vanilla ice cream!! And no, I don’t see anything wrong with eating it straight from the carton with a teaspoon (and in some desperate instances fingers have done nicely also) standing in the light of the open freezer door which makes Wayne crazy since he was brought up to always always always ‘shut the fridge or freezer when you’re not in it!’ and I so totally don’t subscribe to this policy although I am trying. I really am. Trying to shut the door instead of standing in it’s light that is, I am not trying to stop eating the ice cream from the carton. It’s mine anyways they (my family) has theirs….a vanilla with fudge swirls and peanut butter cups blend. I also cant wait for the coffee to get done a lot of the time. I grab the pot and pour the tasty nectar into my empty waiting with anticipation mason jar. Ok, so perhaps this is enough confessions from the kitchen… for now anyway, plus my coffee is starting and I’m going to pour it as it drips ’cause I need it with my caramel rice cake before I practice my Ashtanga yoga. I love love love my yoga!! Y’all have a great day! Try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art ~ Snacks ~DSCN1760


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  1. Jnana Hodson says:

    Does a glass of wine while cooking count here? (OK, I know for strict yogis it’s on the off-limits list. But around here, so’s most of the rest of the dinner.)
    But with summer coming on, you have me thinking of another kind of snacking that goes on in the rounds of food preparation: Munching berries while picking ’em for the kitchen. Our strawberries, blueberries, raspberries are all looking happy.

    1. dawn says:

      Lol, enjoy your wine and I’ll enjoy the berries!! Juicy tomatoes fresh from the vine and still warm from the summer sun sliced and salt and peppered ….so tasty while cooking too!! Hippie vegetarian yogi I am but not opposed to the occasional glass of wine although I think my last cocktail was last July! wow!

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