Eggplant Parmesan, Summer Rain, Yoga and Life….is good


Once again I am straying away from my morning routine. Some parts have stayed the same. I fed the fur family and cleaned up after them and started the laundry and got dressed for yoga and now I’m here waiting….waiting to get Wayne up and the dogs out to the oasis and see him off to work and then…then I’ll practice yoga and have breakfast and run a couple of errands. I guess this is like yoga. With yoga you become more aware, more flexible and calm and centered. I was once a stickler for my routines especially my early morning ones but I am getting more flexible. And yesterday just knowing all was taken care of…Wayne off to work for the day, the dogs fed and in their oasis I was able to practice yoga with extreme Peace and precision although at a different time…instead of 4:30am to 6am I practiced from 6:30 to 8 and I loved it! I got up this morning at 5 but by the time I got my chores done there wouldn’t have been enough time to practice yoga before Wayne had to get up and the dogs too…so here I am being flexible before getting flexible lol.

Sky made eggplant parmesan with spaghetti and marinara and garlic bread and salads last night. He did a great job. He cooks based on some instinct. He added cheese until he felt he was done and the sauce too. He’s a messy cook but I was there as his sous chef and kept the kitchen washed up and clean. I made the salads and the bread but he did everything else and they loved it. I don’t have to cook today because there are enough left overs. Sky can make fresh salads and garlic bread and viola dinner! I think I’ll let him do more of the cooking and I’ll have more time for art!

Peace Love Art and Apple Pie
Peace Love Art and Apple Pie

I went to sleep last night listening to the rain fall and it was so wonderful! There was a little lightning beforehand and when I lay down to read a while before drifting off I could smell the scent of rain in the air. It was like a nostalgic perfume that conjured thoughts of sunflowers and organic gardens and lush green grass that you wanted to picnic on or play croquet on or walk barefooted through. I could smell my Nona’s house with the fresh eggs in the stoneware bowl and the hot biscuits rising in the oven. I could just picture her kitchen windows up and the big shade trees trying their best to keep the house comfortable with an afternoon breeze. I could practically hear the screen door slamming shut and tv tuned into Paw-Paw’s news.  Peaches from the big peach trees contributing a golden cobbler for desert with vanilla ice cream contributed from the market lol. I could smell peace in the air and I liked it…as I fell asleep….last night.

Okay, beautiful friends, I’m going to work on a new piece of art until I get Wayne up in a little while and get going with the rest of my day which I hope along with yours is filled with Peace Love and Art and I hope you’ll feel free to stop by my little barefoot home again tomorrow…I’ll have coffee and an extra yoga mat!


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