Monday Morning…yoga, furry friends and bird songs


Good morning beautiful people! It’s cool out here in my neck of the woods this morning. Although while practicing Ashtanga this morning I would have sworn it was 90! But I like that! My muscles love it! Yoga! Good for the body, the mind and the soul! Sometimes not the face lol, remember my fall from last week? My face looks awful! But it’s all good.

The birds are in full concert and Thor is howling along with them. Molly has refused to go to the oasis this morning. She’s opting to stay inside and take it easy I guess. Wayne’s already off to Pull A Part to pull a part lol. The kids are sleeping and the cats are being cats Bijou is in the window and Piper is in a basket lol. I love my life! My laundry just finished washing and I have already purged some more stuff! DSCN2078I just put on a scary movie and now I’m going to drink coffee and make art for a little while before breakfast which will be soon because I am starving!

Today will be a great art making day!! Today I will make lots and lots of art using lots and lots of techniques! I will pull prints and mix all kinds of media and you know what? I will start now! So, y’all have a great day and do something wonderful! Be happy, share happy! Smile at someone you don’t even know! Remember…life is good….art is good…yoga is good!

Peace Love Art ~ Monday morning ~


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