Piper, Coffee and Yoga


It’s funny. I think our furry friends totally bond with us on a deeper level than we may even think. I don’t believe it’s in many random cat’s lives to love coffee and wait for Mr. Coffee to begin the day so I don’t think if Piper was living wild and free on her own she would think twice about it but here, living with me, she does indeed think twice about it. Mr. Coffee is generally set to begin his day at 6am. By then I’m usually done or almost done with my Ashtanga yoga practice and so so so ready for my coffee, but really, when am I not so so so ready for my coffee? Lol. But this morning Mr. Coffee didn’t begin his day on time. You see, Wayne was running the shop vac outside and I was trying to use the toaster and make coffee and use the microwave all at once and we tripped a breaker which reset Mr. Coffee and I didn’t think about it. This morning while practicing yoga it occurred to me that I hadn’t seen Piper in a while so I looked up and around for her and spotted her there in front of Mr. Coffee a little before 6….just chillin’, waitin’ on that first pot of coffee of the day.DSCN2090That life giving substance, that delicious nectar of the gods, that which runs through my veins lol. If I was bitten by a vampire, he wouldn’t get blood, he’d get caffeine! Anyway, there she was and there she stayed until about 10 mins. past 6 and still no coffee. I had to wake up Mr. Coffee myself and today I will have to reset the timer! I can’t have Piper disappointed like that again. It’s not just Piper either. Molly…the choc. lab. loves loves loves to share my hot air popcorn and banana at night and Bijou…oh my gosh! When Bijou here’s the whip cream being sprayed she comes running for her little tasty sample. I love love love these animals 😀 Y’all have a great day, hug your pets! Be happy! And try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Much Peace Love Art ~ cats and dogs ~DSCN2091


2 Comments Add yours

  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    Malibu my kitty (she died though) (http://i57.tinypic.com/2rppm68.jpg) liked pickle juice. 😛

  2. dawn says:

    Awww, she was adorable!! Pickle juice! That’s my kind of cat!! Big hugs and much peace 🙂

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