Peace Love Art and Hippie Poetry

Cannot say I had the easiest of ashtanga yoga practices today since I had to stop and start a few times because of furry friends but I did my practice and kept my peace so I think that may mean I had an even deeper yoga experience this morning. I mean yoga by a beautiful brook surrounded by ancient giant trees that reach all the way to the heavens while birds sing and Mother Nature wraps you in a cocoon of peace love and beauty would be a dreamy practice, an easy practice…far away from distractions and chaos that randomly pop up in real life but when you can practice your yoga in the midst of chaos that ensues in life with pets and such then you’re really really really practicing yoga! Lol! Picture it….head down in pyramid pose with arms in Namaste behind your back, head just below the knee, legs apart making a perfect bridge for a big furry cat to travel through while a chocolate lab tries to position herself right next to you and a bull mastiff wants to give you a good morning kiss!  Lol! But you don’t get distracted, you don’t tumble out of the pose loosing balance and peace, oh no, you hold on to it all! Now that’s yoga baby!

Hey! It’s Friday! Free verse day! Hippie Poetry Day! I don’t have anything prepared. Let me see what I can come up with off the top of my head….

Why don’t we take a trip

through fields of lavender and memories

wearing daisy chains in our hair

and bells around our ankles.

Why don’t we eat ice cream for every meal

vanilla or chocolate chunk or coffee with finely ground coffee beans and white chocolate chips .

Why don’t we sit under a shade tree on a patchwork quilt

the one your grandma passed down

while we snack on fruit and read or make art in peaceful easy comfortable silence.

Why don’t we sit on the porch with the speakers in the open windows

listening to Lennon or Harrison or Dylan or Joplin

as the sun sets and the wine flows

and time passes by effortlessly


until the stars appear…then…

Why don’t we just sit a while longer

and make wishes on the stars

as the wine takes effect and soothes away the whole week

and nothing else matters….

Why don’t we?

Don’t judge too harshly that’s just off the top of my crazy head! Lol, Y’all take care on this beautiful Friday morning. Don’t let anything steal your peace….hey I see through the window of the new location of my computer table that used to be my drawing that became my sewing table for a week but is now indeed the computer table…I see a bird eating my sunflower sprouts!! Lol! I’ve got to get them in the ground! Life is awesome!! Try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Not sure if I’m going to yard sales with Wayne with my face bruised like it is from falling out of crane pose onto the floor vent he thinks people think I’m a victim of domestic violence! But I said he’s all bruised and scratched up from falling off the roof so it looks like I gave as good as I got! Anyway, I’ll be here if you want to stop by again tomorrow! Peace Love Art ~ Hippie Poetryzentagle coloring book page  ~


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