Yoga, Conch Piercing, Tattoos…sometimes the pain is worth it


yoga kitties coloring book p4Have I mentioned how much I love love love yoga? I must because I think I just proved it lol. Near my favorite spot in the living room where I practice Ashtanga Yoga every morning for an hour and half there’s a floor vent. Every day I tell myself today I’m going to put a pillow over it so I can try to get into crane pose and have something soft to land on if I fall and not land on the floor vent. Every morning I practice without the pillow over the vent and only venture so far into the head first pose but this morning….this morning I tried it. I mean I’m conquering the firefly pose so I thought what the heck, I”ll try. There’s a pose before it though where the crown of your head comes down while your hands and shoulders are behind the knees and ankles and well, toppled over! Bang! Face first on the floor vent lol. I busted my lip and eye but guess what! I was so in that pose!!! Yay!! I finished the whole practice too. One time a many many many moons ago while practicing yoga my baby toe caught on the mat and I broke it but I finished the practice then too. I think I have a pretty good pain threshold lol. Not that I want to test it!! My daughter went to the Tattoo place yesterday for a piercing in her ear. A hoop in the middle part an outer conch I think it’s called or maybe it’s inner anyways, it’s really cool! Here it is….

Rainy's new piercing!! I love it!
Rainy’s new piercing!! I love it!

I love it! We both want tattoos. Wayne’s really good at them but he loaned his tattoo supplies to his son and he really needs to get them back if he still has them. I want my tatt!! A peace symbol with a barefoot and a home 😀 Can you dig it?! I can!! Wow, drinking coffee feels really weird with a busted lip! I look like I was in a fight! This is too funny!! Oh well, c’est la vie right? It’s a memory! Ok, friends the Muse is speaking so I’m listening! Y’all have a great day and stay away from floor vents! Lol. Try to meet me back here tomorrow who knows what will be happening!! Much Peace Love Art ~yoga ~


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