Peace Love Art and Miracles


Yesterday started off great and I guess if you really think about it…it ended with a miracle. We spent the whole morning and into the afternoon on a shady bank fishing…Wayne had the best time. Sky was the only one who caught a fish but Rainy really became a master caster! I didn’t fish I couldn’t stand the thought of hooking a poor little thing so I drew and read and talked and had a good time. We came home and I made lunch. A late lunch that is. After that Wayne went outside to work on turning my old art studio that had once been our green house into a chicken coop. We’re really looking forward to having our own chickens and those fresh eggs! While he was out working Rainy made his double layer chocolate chip chocolate brownie cake with chocolate icing…Wayne has a sweet tooth like none other! Lol. I made bread. The house was good and warm since the air wasn’t on and the bread rose beautifully. After her double layer double chocolate brownie cakes came out of the oven we let them cool and then she frosted them with more chocolate and then we surprised him with his tasty treat! He loved loved loved it! After that Wayne went back to work on the coop, while my bread was on it’s second rise, Rainy went to tan in our recycled pool that Sky was already in and I began my evening yoga practice. I was half way through my little over an hour long practice when Rainy comes rushing in to tell me Dad had fallen off the roof! Come quick! I untwisted myself and jumped up and ran outside and down to the old studio! There he was laying on his side, eyes closed, blood, oh my gosh! I rushed in to see if he was conscious and he was, thank heavens! Rainy and Sky were in the doorway wanting to know if they should dial 911. He said no. I helped him up and battered and bruised he was but nothing appeared to be broken. Luckily he had just nailed down upstanding nails that he would have fallen on! Oh my gosh y’all this could have had so many more bad outcomes and he is sore and bruised but that’s healable! Last night I fixed for him his evening snack. A great big piece of double chocolate chocolate chip brownie cake with peanut butter fudge swirl vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. The brownie cake is ooey gooey and the ice cream melted into it and the sauce and chocolate chips!! A chocolate lovers dream come true!! It totally made him forget about the pain he was in.DSCN1766 So, y’all send Wayne positive healing vibes and much peace ok? Try to meet me back here tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art ~ Miracle~


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