Peace Love Art ~ Gone Fishing ~


Tomorrow is Wayne’s birthday so this morning after breakfast I’m going to buy him a fishing license and take him and our kids to a shady bank for a morning of fishing fun! Sunrise 101_7374I think that’s a good gift. I think he’ll love it! I need something else to purge. So I may purge back through a storage crate I have in my studio there’s probably stuff in there I can do without. I like this decluttering thing…like a lot!. Ashtanga was awesome this morning. My headstand is really coming along. It’s so sad about the late great B.B. King. Oh my gosh, I love him! I bet the other side is chillin’ with some great music now. I like how he collaborated with so many artist…Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, even Heavy D 

Go ahead, bob your head, you know you want to. Life is easy. It’s music. It’s people you love. It’s art. It’s animals. It’s food. It’s best when kept simple and filled with memories. I’m going to go make some memories now, so y’all have a great day…keep playing your music, keep believing in…something and keep meeting me back here again tomorrow. Peace Love Art ~ music ~


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