Peace Love Art and Gypsy Wagons


Well, now that I have started purging my home of ‘stuff’ I cant stop! I purged the pantry yesterday. Now I can find what I want at a glance. At a GLANCE!! I mean there’s a snack shelf, a coffee/condiment shelf, a breakfast shelf and area of proteins and vegetables and sauces and baking and man oh man it is nice! I’ve still got to work on my bookshelves in my art studio. They are in desperate need of organization. I’ll probably find art I’ve forgotten about too! Maybe I’ll work on them sometime today and I want to go back through a storage crate I’ve already purged once or maybe twice but it’s still full so something’s got to be done. There must be ‘stuff’ in there I don’t need. My mom is totally against purging anything, which is strange considering her gypsy ways of moving but I’m digging it. It would be cool to have a gypsy wagon. It would look like a house with a porch, a little porch but still a porch, and you could have plants and make art and stuff and drive it around and live here, there and everywhere. I think I’ll do a gypsy wagon coloring book and maybe some peace flags too!

There’s going to be a review of my coloring books and a give away too on Facebook!! I’ll post it when the link comes up! Have y’all noticed lately all the coloring book stuff popping up in the media? I mean wow! I told everybody coloring is a great way to meditate…it takes the pressure off you know? You put on some of your favorite music and gather all your art supplies, the colored pencils and crayons and markers and gel pens. Then the magic happens… your breathing slows, your mind quietens down and the world just slips away and there’s nothing but you and color and music and at last….Peace…it’s a groovy thing coloring. I’m so inspired by this right now! Really excited! I think I’ll go work on something!! Y’all have a great day ok? Try to meet me back here tomorrow? Pretty please 😀 Much Peace Love Art ~ Gypsy Wagons ~GypsyWagon Ad3faccb9f95f79862e7c9a95541e5e6b-640X480


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  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    I have a sh*tload of books, that are piled haphazardly on a shelf.

    1. dawn says:

      Lol, I love love love that look and feel! I love love love books! But my shelves have become a landing strip for this that and the other too!! So I’m gonna go find out just what the this that and the others are 😀 Dont tell but I just purged Wayne’s collection of to go cups!

  2. awesomeness. yes, awesomeness. 🙂

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