Namaste Beautiful Mamas!


Namaste beautiful mamas!

Be the Princess You Were Born To BeHappy Mom’s Day! A beautiful morning is dawning slowly here in my neck of the woods. I think Mama Sunshine wants to sleep in for a while. It’s all good though. I have the vibe of a tropical rain forest….It’s wet and green and lush and I just know the garden is so so so thankful! Incense is burning, candles are lit from the Ashtanga yoga I just practiced which was wonderful! I love love love yoga! The dogs, Thor and Molly are on seconds of their breakfast, the cats are I don’t know where. My family is sleeping safe and sound. The coffee is fresh and hot. The windows are up and the ceiling fan is spinning.  Oh, hey, there’s Piper! She just came into my art studio and is currently sitting in one of the open windows. This is perfect…just like that Crosby Stills Nash and Young Song…Our House. I really love the video I found on YouTube!!

  Now there’s two cats in two windows. I love this life of mine! I get to be mom to my beautiful quirky kids and to furry family too! I get to garden and cook what we plant! I get to make art and listen to the best music of all time! I get to enjoy every single second of life!! What a gift that is! Not just a one day a year thing but an everyday thing because life is just one big happy adventure even when it’s not it still is you know? I’m not Pollyanna or anything as a matter of fact a Facebook quiz told me yesterday I was actually 50% evil and 50% good lol! Wayne thought that was funny. He said sometimes evil is good lol. I just think we tend to get…perhaps manifest…what we expect. I love life and I expect Life to love me back. I love y’all too! I hope y’all have  really awesome day and I hope you’ll try to stop by again tomorrow! I’m going to go bind coloring books and make art and maybe go to the flea market to see my friend Tami. I made her a Peace Flag garland and I can’t wait to give it to her! I love her and Alex so much! Ok, so, I love y’all! Have a great one! See you tomorrow I hope!! Namaste! Peace Love Art ~ Mama’s Day ~


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