Peace Love Art and Letting Go of ‘Stuff’


My art studio. My wonderful recycled art studio had become the home for lost or unwanted furniture. Wayne would be happy with nothing but his chair and maybe the sofa. I like vignettes though. Cozy nooks for sketching or writing or reading. But I have to admit the more ‘stuff’ I took out of my studio yesterday the better it felt. It’s so time to let go!!! Letting go is the hard part not all the heavy lifting and sorting and stuff…letting go is much harder for me. I am always thinking I might want to use this or that or I may need this or that but not any more! I found the more ‘stuff’ I loaded back into it last night the worst it felt. So today is the purge part 2! I will reYin and Yang 1-purge where I have already purged and then tackle Narnia! I will get balanced finding yin and yang. I’ll be able to be more productive and work will flow when I don’t have to move this or that to get to this or that. That’s coming up soon after breakfast. Tomorrow is yard sale day and I am manifesting a table. A nice big ol table so one side is against the wall leaving me with three long sides to work on and I’ll be able to cut paper and fabric and have my sewing machine and art supplies and take out the other tables that really don’t have enough surface for what I do. I like what I did yesterday but as for being really good and productive…it’s not. But hopefully it will be very soon. Wayne will get up and go work with his friend, the dogs will go into their oasis and the cats will settle down for a nap. Rainy and I will have breakfast and Sky will make his own when he gets up since that’s becoming our new routine. Then….then I will begin once again. So, for now dear friends I’m off to get at finding some inspiration. Man, today was suppose to be my free hippie poem verse day. My second one and I’m already off track! Lol! Oh well, c’est la vie. Whatever. Y’all have a great day and try to stop by again tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art ~ Letting Go!


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