Peace Love Art…Make it!! Live it! Be it!

One Lazy Summer Afternoon

Monoprints. I am in the mood to make monoprints and draw Manga and weave too. I want to finish a weaving I started summer before last! I know! I shouldn’t leave projects sitting around that long but what can I say…I’m an artist and it happens…oh well…blame it on the Muse. Oh my gosh I love Ashtanga so much and I always always always enjoy it but this morning was particularly wonderful. I was able to get into a bind I don’t usually get into and my headstand!! My headstand is getting so good probably in a month I won’t even need Narnia (my wardrobe I use as a safety net lol). The windows are open, the sun is shining, Bijou is chilling on the bay and Piper is holding court in Sky’s chair daring him to take it from her lol. The songbirds are in full concert and the day is so very promising! Anything could happen! Art can be made! Music can be played. Prints can be pulled! It’s time to get to it!! Y’all have a great day!! I hope you’ll meet me back here tomorrow 🙂 and I hope I didn’t sound pompous about my  yoga but I’m just so tickled with the progress!! I practice two and half hours a day!! But not all at once…Ashtanga is hour and half and Atmanada is 1 hour and I wish I could incorporate some Birkam in there somewhere lol! Anyway… Much Peace Love Art ~ Happy to be Alive! ~ OOh!! I might draw a Manga coloring book today!!


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  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    It’s nice to see someone so full of life. 😀

    1. dawn says:

      Thanks!! I’m glad I didn’t come across as cocky ’cause I’m so not! I’m just happy happy happy and I hope you are too! 😀 Big hugs

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