Peace Even When It’s Not Obvious


The morning light is streaming through the windows of my studio making me feel so happy and excited. Excited like a kid at Christmas only I’m not a kid and it’s far from Christmas which makes this feeling, this moment in time even better, even more special, even more real. Real because it’s not the result of gifts or food or family or anything. It’s just a single moment in time. 8:01 am on Monday. And it is really beautiful just to be alive, just to be allowed to experience the totality of my life in this space in this experience, just present…right here and now. Wow, I sound like a yogi. All this yoga is paying off lol. Life is such a gift and there’s so many who feel their gift being returned or exchanged and that’s so sad but they keep on going and if they can do we all can. I sometimes feel really insignificant in this world and that’s humbling and good I think because I never want to feel like there’s not something else to do…something to learn, someone to love, some art to make, a pet to rescue, a seed to be planted….planting Love and Growing Peace. For me that’s life man, pure and simple and easy even when it’s not obviously easy. And when it’s not obviously easy but you still find, have, maintain Peace you’ve got it all, you’ve got all you need to reach the other side of what’s not so easy and come out with grace and a deeper understanding of something even if you don’t know what something is in the moment. It doesn’t matter, ’cause it’s all good. I’m wishing you all Peace, Love and Understanding or accepting the Misunderstanding lol, whatever the case my be. Life is good that’s all…it’s just an attitude. My daughter told me last week that no matter what happens I’m happy. She says I never worry or stress. I suspect she thinks I live a charmed life and in a way I do because that’s how I choose to live it. I choose to be happy. I choose to love people. I choose to come across peaceful happy folks in my daily life and it happens. Yesterday at the flea market a complete stranger, a woman there selling took time to tell me she loved ‘my look, my peaceful hippie vibe’ that she could just hug me. So you know what I did? I walked right up to her and hugged her! And it felt great. It was a pure happiness I carried with me the rest of the day.  I have no doubt if I chose to come across mean people, hateful people then that’s what I would find. If I chose to look at the downers of life that would be a slippery slope into a murky place I don’t care to be. So, for me anyway, I choose Peace, I choose Life, I choose Happiness, I choose Love, I choose to plant peace and grow love and keep on choosing it even on days when it’s not so obvious 😀 Y’all take care and have a lovely day, hug yourself! You’re a good person and you’ll be so happy to get a hug from you! Try to stop by peaceful barefoot home again tomorrow ok? I’ll show you library books I’m going to go get this morning! Errand day! Food store and library!! hippie peace flag


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