Peace Love Art ~ Peace Symbol Gear Shift Knob! That’s a sign!


Just finished the full primary of Ashtanga yoga and I feel great! I always feel so much taller after yoga which is good when you’re a shorty like me. I feel strong and powerful with determination and will power and concentration. I feel grounded by meditation and pranayama and I feel exhilarated and relaxed all at the same time. I also feel really really really hungry! Since breakfast is hours away yet I’m currently enjoying a jello cup (sugar free) while Mr. Coffee does his thing…he’s totally singing my tune right now! I’ll probably pause in a minute and go for a cup/bowl of hot delicious buttery caramel coffee. So, do y’all want to see a sign? A sign of the hippie van in my near future!!! It must be a sign because I don’t think you run across these things everyday and my cousin who is also Wayne’s best friend sent it home to me last night and now it’s one of my most prized and cherished treasures. It sits in a place of honor on my drawing table as a reminder…a sign…proof!!!

Peace Symbol on a Gear Shift knob!! That's a sign!!
Peace Symbol on a Gear Shift knob!! That’s a sign!!

DSCN2017So, what do you think? Cool or what!? A gear shift knob obviously from a hippie van…just like the hippie van I will someday have and someday is getting closer all the time! Yeah it is!! Since I could in no way top this gear shift knob with any other news I’m going to go make art now after a trip to the kitchen…you know why! Y’all have a great day! Try to drop by tomorrow ok? Much Peace Love Art ~ Peace Symbol Gear Shift Knobs~


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