Peace Love Art Yoga


Oh my gosh! It’s so cold! I cannot believe it’s this cold in May! Of course it was cold in April too which is unusual for NC. It’s Saturday so I couldn’t practice Ashtanga today. I have never practiced Bikram yoga before. It has a lot of balancing poses which aren’t my strong suit but that’s what I need to work on right? Anyway, I practiced Hot Yoga (Bikram) in a cold room that doesn’t feel too good. I warmed up but I’m quickly chilling back off again! Where’s the warmth? I need the warmth like a reptile lol. I sit and bask in the golden sunlight. I want to watch shadows dance and butterflies flitter about. I want to see the frogs on the side of the pond (our squealing frog still lives here). I want to take my art supplies outside and draw and paint and art play! It’ll warm up soon so y’all have a great day and try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? We’re headed out into the cold morning to treasure hunt at yard sales! Peace Love Art ~ Sunshine ~DSCN1978


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  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    Ooh! Garage sales are the best. It’s kind of cold here in the mornings but warms up later. Enjoy the sales! 🙂

    1. dawn says:

      I did!!! Got stuff to make hippie peace flags!! 🙂

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