Friday Free Verse Day…hippie poetry


It’s Friday. That’s my poetry/zine/free verse day! My musical…lyrical….dreamy day. My Barefoot All Day day. My that’s groovy day. My that’s cool day. My chill day. It’s the first one in what I hope to be many.  A ghost just passed behind me…don’t let that freak you out, it’s ok. So, to kick it off here’s my first Friday free verse poem….

Dread locks and tanned feet

Standing barefooted

Where the Earth and Sky meet

Sleeping under the Stars

Finding Love right where we are



Living Simple is the Best

Way to Find your Peace

In a place of greedy feasts

Growing what we eat

With no one do we compete

Why live like that

Man, that’s just not my hat

Do no harm


Take no Shit

Find a Place just to Sit

To Think…

To Contemplate…

Go ahead

It’s Not…

A tie dye kind of life
A tie dye kind of life

Too Late.


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