Be On The Look Out For Time Borrowers


Yesterday flew for me and yet it didn’t fly. Weird, I know, it’s hard to explain. I mean I would look at the clock and time had lapsed so fast then I would look again later and it was slowly ticking away. My day was like that. I bound coloring book and time flew. I practiced yoga and meditated and time went slowly and easily by. I transferred art to the book editor in China and time was moderate almost like playing a time warp game. I went to Best Buy to get ink for my printer and was in and out in less than five minutes but then I stopped by the Dollar Store for a couple of art supplies (an excellent place for art supplies!) and time escaped me! I couldn’t have been there for as long as it felt! I don’t know, it was weird, the whole day was like that. But in the end and by the end I mean the end of my ‘work’ day…you know cooking, cleaning, errands, art, random life stuff….it was 9pm. Better than the night before which was 10pm before I sat down with my hot air popcorn and missed most of my favorite show…Bates Motel! Well, one of my favorite shows anyway. Married At First Sight came on last night so I wanted to get done and have my popcorn and watch it  but up until then I had been steadily working on packing up the big coloring book order and I don’t really know what else but it was time fillers I can tell you that. I think it’s though pesky little time fillers that get me. They’re like little gremlins or something that sneak in and maybe it’s more like the Borrowers…they borrow time from us without us noticing and before long minutes have turned into hours and we are left wondering what in the world just happened? Yeah, Time Borrowers! I think I’ll be on the look out for Time Borrowers today and try to find where they are lurking…probably on Facebook or Pinterest lol.  I won’t borrow any more of your time for now friends. Go get at your day, enjoy it! Laugh! Love! Find Peace! But don’t forget to stop by again tomorrow so we can share some time!! Peace Love Art ~Time Borrowers!…be on the look out…

Alice CB pg1 0f 12~


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