Peace Love Art this morning…


Quick little blog post this morning friends! I got a huge coloring book order and I have to go buy more ink and work on wonderful freebies for the artsy person. I love love love this day! It’s sunny but chilly and I’m hoping to open the windows later. My cat, Piper is sleeping on my table so I’m holding my keyboard in my lap lol! The ways we go out of our way for our furry friends! The shadows this morning! Oh my gosh! So beautiful! I love love love them. My studio looks like Peace right now. But reluctantly I must leave it to bake the bread I’ve been rising this morning and make breakfast for the kids and for me too! I’m hungry! And I left my coffee somewhere! I’m never less than a reach away from my coffee at all times! I must go find it friends so y’all have a wonderful day, a magical day, an artsy day! Try to stop by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art ~ Sun and Shadows ~

Home is where your  coffee is!
Home is where your coffee is!

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