Inhale Peace


Chilly country morning. Sun slow to rise preferring to sleep in no doubt. Rolling over, pulling the cozy comforter toward the ears to snuggle back down for just five minutes more. Gentle stretching, song birds outside the open window as you remind yourself yoga awaits and so does another beautiful country day of art, family, music, food and life. Reluctantly a toe slides out from the warmth and then leg and before you know what is happening you’re headed down the hall to change for Ashtanga Yoga but it’s Saturday and Ashtanga isn’t practiced on Saturday so a Hatha will do? No, not feeling very hatha this morning…a moving powerful vinyasa…so some yoga power flow is the option of choice for this morning’s practice.

Awake, energized, no coffee yet! Pranayama instead! Don’t want to have to stop to pee! Lol! There may be a yard sale today….there may be art supplies or buttons or a new yoga mat or some great find I can’t even think of until I see it! After which home and breakfast and coffee…lots and lots and lots of coffee! And then art!! Peace Flags, pulled prints, mixed media mixing it up all over the place…paper, fabric, the floor, Love Rocks Peace Rulesthe cat! Lol! Life is good! Art is Awesome and Yoga is Bliss! I hope your Saturday is all three! And I hope you can come back tomorrow!! Peace Love Art ~ Bliss ~


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Beautiful post!

    1. dawn says:

      Thanks so much!! Hope your day is beautiful…filled with peace love art and music 🙂

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