Peace Love Art ~ It’s all Good ~


Thick paint squeezed out onto the plate stirring with a stick, a paintbrush, a pallet knife…no way! Fingers! Fingers are the only way to go..for me anyway. Dabbing here, dipping there, swirling, mixing, blending, forgetting and touching my face, scratching my nose, pushing messy hair out of my way, petting the cat! Yikes! Oh well, that’s life. Remembering to cap the ink bottles back…India Inks too expensive to spill! Recap Dawn! Recap!! Never buy cheap glue again…lesson learned. Gotta get more now. Transfers…on cloth, on paper, on the floor lol. Now moving on to block printing? I can’t carve! Or can I? I couldn’t do a headstand either and now I can especially when I use the Narnia wardrobe as a security blanket which is ok until I am fully balanced…as if that will ever happen and I’m ok with that! Life is a great balancing act anyway and leaning slightly off kilter works best for me.

Hungry! I didn’t have my after Ashtanga yoga ice cream this morning. I cleaned the bathroom instead, started the laundry and made Wayne’s breakfast…dishes done, waiting now for the troops to get up and then I will make our breakfast and go to the bank and since I’m going in that direction anyhow I should probably go down the hiking trail! And then back home to work on art for the book it’s going to be in. Much to do…much ado…about nothing…about something…who cares…as long as there’s kitties in the window, fresh homemade bread for dinner, music on the turntable, sunshine or rain I’m not picky, a comfy cozy barefoot kind of home, a never ending coffee supply and art and peace and love and happiness and health…who needs anything else…

This seems to be where I stop for now friends since the words are no longer flowing and Mr. Coffee has signaled he’s done and I need more…more Buttery Caramel with a little Cafe Au Chocolat fused in…three sweeteners are good so I use four which is even better…no cream…stir…enjoy…repeat.

Try to come on back over here tomorrow if you can! Much peace love tea time


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